With the opening of its energy sector, Mexico faces the challenge of taking advantage of the opportunities that this renewed industry will present. The Energy Reform is transforming the sector and driving the need for new businesses and energy experts, aligning the country with the trends of the global energy environment.

In the short term, the entire energy production chain will require the education and training of specialized human resources. For this reason, the challenge is to have competent and qualified human capital with international standards, create an educational offer closely linked to the productive sector and establish mechanisms so that human capital drives innovation, productivity, and competitiveness in the energy sector.

The specialization in Energy Management is a program aimed at professionals in the energy sector and energy-dependent businesses that combines some elements of energy engineering with the skills and competencies of leadership and management in business. The new regulations of the energy industry in Mexico are studied through this program, as well as the strategic spaces to help create new businesses, both in the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. It also focuses on the development of business models supported by energy engineering.

The objective of this specialization is to:

Train specialists with the knowledge and aptitudes to work in the energy sector, leading and managing energy organizations in global settings. They will be able to apply the aptitudes and knowledge acquired in this specialization regarding the energy sector, in topics such as: business administration, entrepreneurship and global markets. Their preparation extends to public and energy companies and includes all types of organizations with projects that will address the spaces derived from the Energy Reform.

  • Develop outstanding professionals who will apply their skills to analyze and use assessment techniques in energy projects, in order to gene- rate value for the organizations and their local, national and international environment.
  • Prepare professionals with the skills and aptitudes to participate in jobs with project assessment groups in order to make decisions regarding their implementation  and  measure their impact by means of technical research, action research and field projects.
  • Prepare specialists with the skills to identify and create business opportunities in the energy sector through the implementation and analysis of innovative, sustainable business models.

Professionals from the energy sector or energy dependent businesses who wish to develop competencies in this field. Applicants must have at least two years’ professional experience and hold positions with perspectives for growth within the organization or be interested in developing innovative business models. They will also require work experience and the desire to develop and/or strengthen their administrative and managerial skills, as well as their consulting abilities on the topic of energy.


Face to Face


1 year


Escuela de Gobierno y Transformación Pública Santa Fe




On completing the program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze and apply the legal, economic and financial bases of businesses in the energy sector, in oil, gas, electricity and renewable energy resources.
  • Understand the behavior of the energy sector market.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of project financing and market risk management.
  • Put into practice their knowledge, aptitudes and skills for evaluating strategic projects from a multidisciplinary perspective and, in this way, identify business opportunities in the diverse areas of this field.
  • Display the skills for applying the regulatory and contractual frameworks of the energy sector, in both project  assessment  and  business model design.
  • Assess the efficiency and environmental, economic and social sustainability of projects.
  • Have the skills to generate information and make recommendations about business opportunities for the energy sector.
  • Demonstrate skills and abilities in the creation of business proposals that consider the creation of sustainable value with social impacts.
  • Act with professionalism, ethics and a humanistic vision.
La Especialidad en Administración Energética cuenta con reconocidos profesores, competitivos internacionalmente, y con la participación de empresarios, además del respaldado del modelo educativo integral y de vanguardia de EGADE Business School, avalado por las más reconocidas acreditadoras nacionales e internacionales..

La diversidad de su claustro otorga a este programa un enfoque transdisciplinario que permite abordar la complejidad del entorno energético con una perspectiva holística, para capitalizar oportunidades de negocios en el marco de la Reforma Energética.

Profesores de la especialidad

Dr. Alejandro Ibarra
Dr. Armando Llamas
Dr. Federico Viramontes
Dr. Francisco Lozano
Dr. Martín Bremer
Dr. Miguel Moreno
Dr. Osmar Zavaleta
Dr. Osvaldo Micheloud

The Specialization in Energy Management is offered in trimester and executive formats, allowing participants to continue with their professional commitments and minimize disruption to their work schedules.

Thanks to EGADE Business School's close relationship with public institutions and experts from the private energy sector, the School complements its value proposition by encouraging experts in energy issues to share their knowledge and experiences with program participants, who will also be able to capitalize on opportunities derived from the School's strong ties with leading organizations in the energy sector.

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