Today's society lives in a world with unprecedented challenges where the exponential advancement of technology, the fluctuations of the economy, climate change, the scarcity of natural resources, health contingencies, among others. This technological advance goes hand in hand with an exponential growth of the data which requires to be analyzed, processed and thus extract relevant information that supports decision making in uncertain environments. Said information extraction must be carried out intelligently through particular tools and algorithms so that based on the information obtained from the past, new creative solutions to current problems are obtained, as well as innovative ideas for future planning.

All this enormous amount of structured and unstructured data generated day by day, immediately requires complete leaders, with a high level of interconnectivity, capable of understanding the changes in the environment and quickly adapting to them based on strategic thinking, understanding of data analytics and being able to manage multi-functional and multi-generational work teams. In order to satisfy the market needs described above, the Specialization in Digital Strategy (EDS) is proposed, which develops the knowledge and skills mentioned above and responds to the requirements of current organizations on the use of best practices at the strategic level for decision making based on data extraction and analysis applying quantitative tools from a corporate vision.

The program of the Specialty in Digital Strategy aims to train professional agents of change in organizations, capable of making innovation, technological development and technology transfer, making use of data analytics, data science, strategic thinking, as well such as the management of processes and multi-functional and multi-generational work teams.

The program is aimed at professionals in charge of defining a digital transformation strategy in their organizations through the design of a plan that involves both business, and state of the art technology key elements.

Tecnológico de Monterrey seeks to integrate a new generation of students in all its graduate programs, who have completed their undergraduate studies and distinguished themselves by being: talented, enthusiastic people, committed to the development of their environment and to the well-being of society; people who have the potential to successfully complete their graduate program and become leaders with entrepreneurial spirit, human sense and internationally competitive.


Therefore, for admission, the applicant participates in a complete selection process that considers:

  • The result of the Admission Test for Postgraduate Studies (PAEP).
  • The overall grade point average (GPA) in their undergraduate studies.
  • Each School may have additional requirements.


Face to Face


EGADE Business School Monterrey

EGADE Business School Santa Fe




After completing their studies, the graduate will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of disruptive technologies and their business application in order to respond the demands of the current environment: volatile, uncertain and complex.
  • Perform empirical analysis in applications for digital transformation through the management of science and data analytics in a corporate environment.
  • Apply advanced quantitative tools for information extraction in business strategy and management processes, to respond with opportunity to the demands of the current environment: volatile, uncertain and complex.
  • Understand the relevance of the effective use of data
  • Lead change processes to ensure the relevance of the organization, in order to exercise leadership with a human sense and consistent with the strategic objectives of the organization.
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