Tecnológico de Monterrey Master of Laws Program focuses on the interdisciplinary study of the legal order in real and concrete situations that have an impact on the phenomena of economic growth and development. It considers various methodologies to analyze social, economic and political conditions that affect the so-called economic cycles (crisis, depression, revival and boom) and that also affect the practice of Law.

 The Program is designed to increase awareness and criticism about the complexity of legal relationships in the areas of: Governance, regulation and business; Regulation and infrastructure development; Financial system, as well as Law, science and technology, in which issues of ethics, international law, public policies in the fight against corruption or data analysis tools are studied.

The objective of the Master of Laws Program is to train professionals who will be able to:

  • Have technical tools to analyze social, economic, political, institutional and legal conditions that affect the areas of  infrastructure development and financial system.
  • Analyze and propose solutions to complex legal issues that derive from the regulations applicable to the aforementioned areas of knowledge.
  • Be transforming agents for their communities, contributing to the solution of urgent challenges of society through the development of strategies for the successful implementation of public policies.

The program is aimed to:

  • Public servants of the three levels of government - federal, state and municipal.
  • Practicing lawyers from the public and private sectors interested in deepening the areas of i infrastructure projects for economic development or the financial system.
  • Consultants specialized in infrastructure development projects or the financial system

The Tecnológico de Monterrey seeks to integrate a new generation of students in all its graduate programs who have completed their undergraduate studies and distinguished themselves by being: talented, enthusiastic people, committed to the development of their environment and to the well-being of society; people who have the potential to successfully complete their graduate program and become leaders with entrepreneurial spirit, human sense and internationally competitive.

Therefore, in order to be admitted, applicants participate in a comprehensive selection process that considers:

  • Score on the Graduate Admission Test (PAEP).
  • Undergraduate grade average.

Each School may have additional requirements.


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7 trimestres


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Once completed the Master of Laws Program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Analyze legal problems from a critical, ethical and interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Design, implement and evaluate strategies, from the legal point of vies, for infrastructure development projects or the financial system.
  • Advise clients in the public and private sectors that require highly specialized regulatory services for the development of infrastructure or the financial system.
  • Discuss data analysis tools for the effective application of the law.