The growth of information and communications technologies investment and services is increasing nationally and internationally. Moreover, the entire national development plan includes information and communications technologies as the foundation for fulfilling its goals. The demand for specialized, secure communications services, together with the need for miniaturized programmable electronic devices is exponential worldwide. This creates a clear trend of the importance in this day and age of microelectronics, digital signal processing, communications, embedded systems, communication networks, high speed broadband technologies, multimedia services, radio-frequency identification, etc. Nobody should be kept on the sidelines of this revolution since this produce a technological dependency that would represent a lag in the country´s development. This trend determines the need to produce highly qualified people with cutting-edge knowledge in these areas and with an attitude of innovation and entrepreneurship to guide the country with leadership. The MSE-T program prepares masters in science in the areas of telecommunications to design, plan, operate, maintain and grow the communications systems and networks that provide specialized, secure services.

  • To equip competent, capable telecommunications professionals to generate the knowledge-based technological development of society.
  • To prepare professionals who are capable of supporting the development and acquisition of technology to detonate, with telecommunications applications and services, the productive sectors that use them.
  • To train professionals to design and operate these applications and services, together with the infrastructure that delivers them, evolving in accordance with international technological advancements.

This program targets professionals from the areas of electronic engineering, control, electronic systems, biomedical engineering, industrial physics and related areas. It is also designed for professionals who wish to contribute to the advancement of electronic and computer technologies and acquire in-depth knowledge of current technologies and their trends, in order to create innovative solutions that will benefit society and the country’s industry.


Face to Face


2 years





On completing the program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze design and evaluate communications systems using measurement instruments and equipment, and computer tools to support appropriate decision-making.
  • Manage, plan and operate communications systems and networks using analytical and computer tools to streamline the services of organizations that use such systems.
  • Digitally process information to integrate user applications such as services based on localization and online multimedia, voice, audio and video applications, among others.