The current complex and changing environment requires leaders with strategic vision and organizational capacity to make and implement effective, ethical and sustainable decisions. These professionals should be competent in international environments and on methodologies supported in technology that allow them to develop innovative and profitable business models to contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

The Master in Business Administration responds to these needs by preparing innovative leaders, entrepreneurs, with an ethical and sustainable global business vision aligned with the objectives of Technologic de Monterrey.

The objective of the Master in Business Administration is to prepare professionals that:

  • Manage organizations that operate in global environments, making effective and ethical decisions supported in cutting edge techniques and management models.
  • Lead strategic projects that add value to the organization and its local, national and international environment, applying leadership skills, systemic understanding of the organization and global vision.
  • Identify opportunity areas in business environment and, accordingly, design and develop innovative and sustainable business models applying analytical and financial tools.
  • Contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of their community through innovative and sustainable projects.

Applicants are professionals with at least three years of professional experience and are interested in one of the following criteria for their professional development profile:

  • Occupy leadership positions with organizational growth opportunities, considering as important the systematic understanding of the organization and the use of methodologies to support the decision making process.
  • Experienced professionals with interest in developing innovative business models, seeking to increase the competitiveness of the company or create new business through the knowledge application, use of tools and cutting edge management models.
  • With work experience who wish to develop and/or strengthen consulting skills to support continuous improvement, competitiveness and sustainability of organizations in the region through the application of diagnostic methodologies generating innovative and effective solutions.
  • With leadership  potential  showing  passion for learning, critical thinking and professional growth to impact value creation in organizations, using leadership skills and knowledge, techniques and effective management tools.
  • Documentation accrediting academic credentials and a minimum professional average of 80/100 (professional title, ID, and subject certificate).
  • 2 letters of professional recommendation.
  • Motivational essay.
  • Updated curriculum vitae demonstrating 3 years of professional experience.
  • Bilingual interview with the Program Director or Program Faculty.
  • PAEP exam or its equivalent, according to institutional requirements.


Face to Face


EGADE Business School Monterrey




On completing the program, students will be able to:

  • Make business decisions based on ethical reasoning, applying concepts and ethical principles and taking their stakeholders into consideration.
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities that allow them to innovate and undertake profitable business models using analytical techniques that contribute to sustainable development of their communities.
  • Apply knowledge and skills for effective systemic functioning of the organization, through the application of management methodologies to explote opportunities and adaptation of environmental challenges. 
  • Lead effective teams, valuing diversity and being competent in management processes that enable the implementation of organizational changes.
  • Strengthen a global vision of business to function in international environments incorporating the cultural, political, economic and social context.