The Master in Business Management (MBM) falls within the group of specialized masters programs. This program focused primarily on developing interpersonal, leadership and managerial skills in business. The MBM program leverages on the use of technologies in business as a potential source of innovative and sustainable solutions to organizations. The encourages developing and strengthening four major competencies namely: business technology, business theory and practice, global perspective, and self-development for leadership.

The purpose of the Master's in Business Management program is to educate young professional able to lead with competencies based on innovation, integrity, collaboration, empathy, inclusion, and global citizenship, as well as fundamental administrative knowledge. Graduates can promote the financial health of organizations and contribute to the digital transformation of organizations as they adapt to a dynamic environment.

The aim is for graduates to become experts in management, with an understanding of the global landscape and analytical ability to incorporate cutting-edge technology, enabling organizations to achieve financial sustainability under uncertain environments.

Applicants to the Master in Business Management (MBM) program are recent graduates or young professionals with relevant work experience of less than three years, who seek to transform their professional profile, enhance their business skills and competencies, as well as acquire cutting-edge knowledge.

  • They aspire to take on leadership roles, whether within a family business or an organization, pondering a systemic understanding of the organization and supportive methodologies for decision-making.
  • They aim to develop and implement strategies of innovation and digital transformation through a profound understanding of new technologies and the implications of achieving standardized adaptation within the company.
  • They aim to excel in consultancy roles to support the development of regional organizations by applying novel methodologies to generate innovative and effective solutions.
  • They aim to empower their professional careers and stand out in their professional lives through the development of key leadership and digital competencies.
  • Engagement with companies and institutions.
  • Solving real problems in business environments
  • Documentation accrediting academic credentials and a minimum professional average of 80/100 (professional title, ID, and subject certificate).
  • 2 letters of professional or academic recommendation.
  • Motivational essay.
  • Updated curriculum vitae.
  • Interview with the Program Director.
  • According to institutional requirements:
  • PAEP exam or its equivalent.
  • TOEFL exam or its equivalent.


Face to Face


EGADE Business School Monterrey



Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Effectively participate in collaborative networks (national and international), valuing diversity and new trends, promoting knowledge exchange and interaction.
  • Consistently identify new ways of doing things, promoting the creation of knowledge and business innovation through the design of novel projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the organization.
  • Prioritize and address complex projects, evaluating various solution alternatives through analysis, interpretation, and assessment of existing resources, organizational processes, and their impact on the environment.
  • Strive to build productive, dynamic, and diverse teams that positively impact productivity.
  • Understand the digital impact on businesses and industries, identify and evaluate new technologies that help reshape new business models, new ways of operating that contribute to efficiency and the organization's survival.