Nowadays, companies and other organizations´ trend is to work with a more horizontal structure, which leads to the need for people prepared in business, competent to perform a self-regulated work that adds value to the company and strengthens the profiles of high potentials since the beginning of their work.

In response to this need, the Master's in Business Management (MBM) program is proposed to be updated, in line with the Tec21 model of Tecnológico de Monterrey that seeks to develop key skills of professionals who are at an early stage of their working life.

In this program update, Tec21 pedagogical model based on challenges (Practicums) with associated organizations that allow students to face existing problems is incorporated in order to identify effective execution methods and possible solutions. The above is planned with the guidance and mentoring of expert professors in the business area and of professionals recognized for their experience in the different related organizations, responsible for implementing solutions to relevant and current problems.

The Master in Business Management program (MBM) has as its main purpose to train full leaders who focus on managing projects and initiatives within the organization, in order to make effective decisions and help organizations achieve their strategic objectives in a sustainable way.

The Master in Business Management program (MBM) is aimed for diverse career /industry professionals who are in the early stages of their working life and who are looking for:

  • Leadership positions with perspective of organizational growth, considering important the systemic understanding of the organization and support methodologies for decision making. 
  • Developing and implementing innovation and digital transformation strategies through an in-depth knowledge of new technologies and achieving homologated adaptation in the company.
  • Developing in consulting areas to support the development of organizations in the region through the application of diagnostic methodologies generating innovative and effective solutions.
  • Empowering their professional career and exceling in professional life through the development of key leadership and digital skills.
  • Networking with companies and institutions.
  • Solving real problems in business environments.
  • Documentation accrediting academic credentials and a minimum professional average of 80/100 (professional title, ID, and subject certificate).
  • 2 letters of professional or academic recommendation.
  • Motivational essay.
  • Updated curriculum vitae.
  • Interview with the Program Director.
  • According to institutional requirements:
  • PAEP exam or its equivalent.
  • TOEFL exam or its equivalent.


Face to Face


EGADE Business School Monterrey



At the end of the program the student will be able to:

  • Participate effectively in collaborative networks (national and international) appreciating diversity and new trends, promoting knowledge exchange and interaction.
  • Identify constantly new ways of doing things, promoting knowledge creation and business innovation through the design of innovative projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the organization.
  • Prioritize and solve complex projects, evaluate diverse solution alternatives through the analysis, the interpretation and the evaluation of existing resources, organizational processes and their impact on the environment.
  • Seek the development of other colleagues for the greater good.
  • Understand the digital impact on business and industry, identify and evaluate new technologies that help rethink new business models and new ways of operating that contribute to the efficiency and survival of the organization.