Today's society lives in a world with unprecedented challenges in all spheres of human life, such as the exponential advance of technology, the increasingly frequent changes in economic cycles, climate change and the scarcity of natural resources, the growing inequality in income, the aging of the population and the increase in urban concentrations. These challenges directly or indirectly affect all types of organizations, both public and private, as well as the field of business. The reviewed program of the Doctoral program in Administrative Sciences, (DCA in Spanish), has as its main purpose to train complete research leaders who generate value through the generation of state-of-the-art applied knowledge in the fields of administrative sciences. This knowledge will contribute to the design of effective decisions for organizations, based on critical thinking and human sense.

In this way and aligned with the vision of Tecnológico de Monterrey, we seek that the leaders graduated from our program achieve this goal by generating the best knowledge that solves today’s problems with a global vision, that are sustainable, and attached to ethical principles.

The Doctoral program in Administrative Sciences of EGADE Business School has a strong commitment to improve knowledge in administrative sciences. In line with the research strategy of Tecnológico de Monterrey "Research that transforms lives", the doctoral program offers to those with a great curiosity for science, generating ideas and in search of intellectual challenges, the opportunity to conduct quality research and impact in an applied way to transform the organizations of the country.

 Our Doctoral program is strongly aligned with the EGADE Business School strategy by incorporating the five pillars and supporting their design, structure and delivery in the differentiators mentioned above. Additionally, to fulfill the vision towards 2030, one of the differentiators focuses on "research, innovation and entrepreneurship poles", and to achieve this the strategies are:

  •  Encourage research as a source of opportunities and innovative solutions to the challenges of the planet: create and strengthen research networks that share and develop content that is transferred and applicable to entrepreneurship. 
  • Develop an open community of entrepreneurs and researchers that generate economic, social and environmental value in a diverse and inclusive environment: Promote plurality and open discussion to generate innovative ideas.

The potential student interested in entering the doctoral program must have excellent academic background and have a research aptitude in one of the fields of knowledge promoted by the doctoral program. The admission process is designed to ensure the above, emphasizing the need to have the skills and potential for research. During the admission process the program Director makes a diagnosis about the student's financial needs and the field of his research. All of the above with the purpose of raising the chances of successful admission and approval of the research line. Summarized and schematic, these are the main elements of the income profile:

Competencies: Demonstrate being a person with a focus on applied research and interested in the development of science.

Knowledge: Present evidence of previous knowledge of administrative sciences through academic performance embodied in either their previous studies (undergraduate or postgraduate) or relevant experience, and through a solid research proposal.

Skills: Present evidence of observation and information search skills through a solid research proposal.

Attitudes: Present evidence that demonstrates the ability to research collaboratively with other candidates and professors through their previous research experiences.

Values: Solid human values to develop science in a responsible and ethical way.


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4 years


EGADE Business School Monterrey

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The Doctoral Program in Administrative Sciences trains professionals that are able to:

● Develop theoretical and empirical models typical of administrative sciences to generate applied research projects, based on original critical knowledge.

● Publish research products in different high-quality academic media.

● Develop research projects aimed at transforming organizations with ethical awareness and social responsibility.

● Generate effective collaborative environments in high-level research and teaching groups in higher education institutions.

Graduates of the Doctoral program in Administrative Sciences will have the ability to perform professionally in the field of research and teaching. Our graduates historically work mostly (86%) in higher education institutions in the country, 4% in foreign higher education institutions and 10% in private initiative but strongly linked to education as teachers.

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