Anatomical Pathology is, to date, the leading tool for the definitive diagnosis of cancer and, of equal importance in this field, immunohistochemistry and bio-molecular methods have been developed to determine the treatment and prognosis of many malignant neoplasms. Our curriculum includes these important processes. Expert Anatomical Pathologists who graduate from Tecnológico de Monterrey must be capable of fomenting and contributing to the sustainable development of society by addressing health as an inherent asset of Mexicans, and of collaborating on the professionalization of the residency with a constant sense of academic and healthcare competitiveness, from a human perspective.

The Residency in Anatomical Pathology provides residents with the opportunity to learn during the healthcare activities performed by expert pathologists, applying the knowledge obtained through self-directed learning and everyday theoretical activities, while advising them on the acquisition of abilities and skills that will put them in a position to resolve a wide variety of the situations they will face throughout their subsequent careers. The competencies acquired during their preparation will provide them with the necessary tools to practice their profession with the full level of knowledge in accordance with national and international organizations, be certified and maintain the spirit of continuous enhancement through continuing education and updating, lifelong learning and self-confidence, all of which with ultimately benefit the patient.

The aim of the Residency in Anatomical Pathology of Tecnológico de Monterrey is to train exceptional specialist practitioners who support patients and physicians in solving diagnostic problems. It also seeks to prepare individuals with integrity and a humanistic outlook in their clinical, teaching and research practice, while strictly adhering to ethical principles and the standards of professional. Anatomical Pathology Residents who graduate from this institution are outstanding leaders in local and international settings who contribute to the generation and implementation of innovations in human-tissue prosection strategies and procedures that will result in the most accurate diagnosis possible.

The Residency in Anatomical Pathology requires physicians who have completed their undergraduate degree and who throughout their studies showed a special interest in morphological science by participating in activities as scholarship holders within the department, who have selected Pathology as one of their optional rotations and/or conducted social service activities in pathology. Students must satisfactorily meet all the residency and master?s admissions requirements of Tecnológico de Monterrey, be proficient in English and have a suitable psychological profile.


Face to Face


4 years


Campus Monterrey




Graduates from the Anatomical Pathology program will be able to:

  • Apply with professionalism their knowledge of Anatomical Pathology in order to establish definitive diagnoses in pathology.
  • Develop a critical rationale of the information available to communicate in a scientific, orientating manner with their colleagues who are involved in the patient’s diagnosis and treatment.      
  • Participate in basic and clinical research as a member of a research team.
  • Efficiently coordinate healthcare teams of practitioners and technicians in relation to Anatomical Pathology.
  • Collaborate in inter-and multi-disciplinary teams exchanging experiences to enhance medical attention.
  • Act with professionalism, ethics and a humanistic outlook.
Álvaro Barbosa Quintana
Irma Elisa Eraña Rojas
Gabriela Sofía Gómez Macías
José Eduardo Pérez Saucedo
Ireán García Hernández
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