Advancements in Anesthesiology have evolved at an unprecedented speed. Greater knowledge of anesthesia techniques, the ongoing discovery of new drugs used in anesthesiology and advancements in monitoring during anesthesia are the results of globalization and technological development, all of which provides greater patient safety and benefits. Now more than ever before, anesthesiologists must practice with evidence-based scientific bases, oriented toward medical practice for appropriate perioperative management.

Within the framework of the Mission 2015 of Tecnológico de Monterrey, in association with the Nuevo León Ministry of Health, the educational model of the Multicentric Medical Residency Program of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, which executes medical practice in the field of social and private institutional medicine, will produce a different profile in our graduates with a profound sense of academic and social responsibility.

We are fully convinced of the high degree of ethics and humanism of our residents, who have to be prepared to face the future challenges of Anesthesiology, practicing in Mexico and abroad in the fields of research and in development of new social opportunities, collaborating to enhance the quality of the professional lives of their colleagues and of their future students, which will be reflected in the benefits attained in the society in which they participate. In conclusion, the broad scope of our goals includes the conservation and enhancement of society’s living conditions and opportunities.

The aim of the Residency in Anesthesiology of Tecnológico de Monterrey is to train exceptional Anesthesiologists who apply anesthesia and analgesia techniques, according to the highest quality and safety standards, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. It also seeks to prepare individuals with integrity and a humanistic outlook in their clinical, teaching and research practice, while strictly adhering to ethical principles and the standards of professional practice.

Anesthesiologists who graduate from this institution are outstanding leaders at local and international levels, who contribute through clinical research to generating innovations in the techniques and procedures of this specialization that will benefit patients, their families, specialists, the healthcare team and medical institutions.

Qualified physicians in compliance with all the official standards of the Ministry of Education and of the Ministry of Health. They must have the highest moral values, be ethical and congruent with the profession they have chosen to practice. Moreover, they must be willing to work in multidisciplinary teams, interested in conducting research to the highest quality standards, proficient in their native language and a second language, well-presented and respect patients, staff and the institution in which they provide their services.

For admission to the Residency in Anesthesiology of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of Tecnológico de Monterrey, candidates must satisfactorily meet all the graduate admissions requirements of Tecnológico de Monterrey and of the Ministry of Health.

Comply with the comprehensive evaluation required in the admission process, through an interview conducted by the admissions committee of the graduate program. In addition, the following is necessary:

  1. Simple copy of the Bachelor´s degree Certificate where the following information is indicated:
    1. The overall GPA.
    2. Completion date of all the subjects of the study plan.
  2. Simple copy of the Bachelor´s degree.
  3. Motivation letter or essay in which the candidate explains the reasons for his or her interest in the program, his or her potential contribution to it and the area in which he or she wishes to develop professionally.
  4. Curriculum vitae.
  5. Two letters of recommendation in the institutional format, from employers or professors.
  6. Obtain at least 550 points in the adaptive version of the Postgraduate Studies Admission Test (PAEP) or its equivalent in other exams authorized by the Institution.
  7. Obtain at least 550 points in the TOEFL exam or its equivalent in the other exams authorized by the Institution as an instrument for assessing the sufficiency of English language proficiency.
  8. Submit a file with the result of the ENARM Exam and psychometric exam.

*The admission process may change without prior notice from the Admissions Committee

**Admission is the first step: then you can enroll in your graduate program of interest.


Face to Face


4 years





Graduates from this program will be specialist practitioners trained to a level of excellence in the area of Anesthesiology, capable of applying their knowledge, abilities and skills in a collaborative, multidisciplinary manner, within a framework of safe, comprehensive patient care. They will be creative and innovative, conducting relevant clinical research and able to perform with quality in national and international settings, consolidating their professional competency activities with solid attitudes and values. They are committed to political, economic, social and cultural development and transformation, acting with the humility, good judgment and impartiality that distinguish them within their communities. Through a medical practice based on the problem-solving educational methodology, graduates will be highly competent specialist practitioners in their specific field of action within community-oriented medicine.



Agustín Méndez de León
Brenda Sánchez González
Daniel Chora de la Garza
Fernando Cantú Flores
Jaime Armendariz Salinas
Jerónimo Vázquez Uribe
José de Jesús Terán Guevara
Luis Alberto Barrientos
Oswaldo Cuahhtemoc Zamudio
Salomón Alvarado Ramos
Sergio Esquivel Martínez


Quality and Safety in Anesthesiology 

Our department of Anesthesiology sees the investigation and resolution of clinical problems in our environment as imperative. The continuous exploration of small factors that turn out to be great contributions in reducing anesthetic risk is of vital importance to improve local and regional practice. The teaching team focuses its methodological design on the implementation of methods to assess the patient's perception of the care received, analysis of exposure to ionizing radiation or volatile agents by anesthesiology staff, determination of cost benefit of drug use, current treatment models, review of safety standards in patient management, and repercussions of the establishment of legal guidelines in the regulation of patient care in relation to anesthesiology, are the works derived from this line of research. 

Pain Medicine 

Perioperative pain, in its acute and chronic qualities, has a multifactorial origin, evolution and clinical outcome. Every week there are advances in the knowledge of each stage, so that the Multicentric Anesthesiology program focuses on the study of regional singularities in terms of pain treatment, and its evolution; as well as checking what other authors reported in their publications. In this way, an overview of the evidence is obtained with individualization to our area of influence. The focus of the department is directed towards the elaboration of works about the study of the process of reducing pain or inducing states of insensitivity to it by active intervention or by Neuromodulation in the different clinical pharmacological resources administered to the patient in his natural history of disease.