The Certification in Teaching and Assessment of English Language seeks to provide advanced preparation in teaching and assessing English as a foreign language, thus aiming to contribute to meeting the current need of the national educational system, as well as form other latitudes, of strengthening these competencies in teachers and in other professionals. This specialized preparation will allow English teachers from different educational levels to design and implement academic programs that will help to improve the coverage of attention of students willing to become bilingual.

The objectives of the Certification program are to prepare professionals who:

  • Are highly trained, and who know and use the most up to date and advanced pedagogy in the teaching and assessment of English as a foreign language at various school levels as well as in public and private institutions.
  • Integrate the use of technological tools applied to the teaching and assessment of English as a foreign language in his/ her teaching practice.

The program is aimed at:

  • Professional educators teaching English in elementary and junior high schools.
  • Graduate professionals with a bachelor’s degree in humanities, such as Applied Linguistics and English Teaching, among others.
  • Elementary and high school teachers who have a bachelor's or master's degree in another discipline, but who, due to their high level of proficiency in English, seek to teach this subject.

Comply with the comprehensive evaluation required in the admission process, through an interview conducted by the admissions committee of the graduate program. In addition, the following is necessary:

  1. Simple copy of the Bachelor´s degree Certificate where the following information is indicated:
    1. The overall GPA.
    2. Completion date of all the subjects of the study plan.
  2. Simple copy of the Bachelor´s degree.
  3. Motivation letter or essay in which the candidate explains the reasons for his or her interest in the program, his or her potential contribution to it and the area in which he or she wishes to develop professionally.
  4. Curriculum vitae.
  5. When applicable, submit two letters of recommendation in the institutional format, from employers or professors.
  6. When applicable, take the Postgraduate Studies Admission Test (PAEP), and obtain at least 500 points in the adaptive version or its equivalent in other exams authorized by the Institution.
  7. When applicable, obtain at least 550 points in the TOEFL exam or its equivalent in the other exams authorized by the Institution as an instrument to assess the sufficiency of English language proficiency.

*The admission process may change without prior notice from the Admissions Committee

**Admission is the first step: then you can enroll in your graduate program of interest.

Tecnológico de Monterrey seeks to integrate into all its graduate programs a new generation of students who have completed their undergraduate studies and who are distinguished by being: talented, enthusiastic people, committed to the development of their environment and to the well-being of society; people who have the potential to successfully complete their graduate program and become leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit, human sense, and internationally competitive.

Therefore, for admission, the applicant participates in a comprehensive selection process that considers:

  • The result of the Admission Test to Postgraduate Studies (PAEP).
  • The overall grade point average for professional-level studies.

Each School may have additional requirements.


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Upon successful completion of the Certification, the graduate will be able to:

  • Design and teach English courses in public and private educational institutions in elementary, junior and senior high school levels.
  • Assess, according to international standards, the level of proficiency in English as a foreign or second language of participants and candidates who wish to be accepted in formal and informal educational programs, as well as of applicants in job positions which require the mastery of English language.
  • Design and implement innovative training solutions in English as a foreign or second language through the use of cutting-edge technological resources for public and private institutions.