Over the past few decades, the life expectancy of Mexicans has increased considerably and, accordingly, chronic-degenerative health issues are also on the rise, including diabetes, hypertension, hepatic diseases and cancer, among many others that form part of the field of Internal Medicine and its related subspecialties. At the same time, globalization, advancements in knowledge of biology, genomics and proteomics, the development of new information and communication technologies and systems, social networks, changes in epidemiology, advancements in therapeutics and the growing cost of health services could signify a radical change in the way diseases are addressed in this generation. Today more than ever before, Internal Physicians? practice must be based on science and evidence. They will undoubtedly focus on preventive and ambulatory medicine, maintaining their position in intra-hospital medicine as the health-team leader and mentoring doctors who want to study a subspecialty related to internal medicine. Tecnológico de Monterrey?s educational process is centered on the acquisition of knowledge and development of the skills, attitudes and values that will enable students to grow as individuals, committed to their community and acting as agents of change to improve it in the area of their specialty, and to keep up-to-date in a changing environment. The curricular content and competencies are developed by the students throughout the four-year program, incorporating during this period the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required of a good internist. Clinical activities are executed in both public (Hospital Metropolitano) and private (Hospital San José de Monterrey and Centro Médico Zambrano Hellion) settings, thus offering a wide-ranging panorama of Medicine in our region and providing opportunities for national and/or international rotations to extend this panorama.

The aim of the Residency in Internal Medicine of Tecnológico de Monterrey is to train exceptional Internists who meet the health needs of adult patients, according to the highest quality and safety standards, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. It also seeks to prepare individuals with integrity and a humanistic outlook in their clinical, teaching and research practice, while strictly adhering to ethical principles and the standards of professional practice. Internists who graduate from this institution are outstanding leaders locally and internationally, who contribute to the continuous enhancement of healthcare processes and to generating innovations in the primary or secondary prevention of disorders that affect the adult population, in particular chronic-degenerative diseases.

The Multicentric Internal Medicine Program of Tecnológico de Monterrey targets academically outstanding graduates from the Physician and General Surgeon undergraduate program, with a vocation and concern for this discipline, and a genuine interest in research and teaching.

For admission to the Residency in Internal Medicine of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of Tecnológico de Monterrey, candidates must satisfactorily meet all the graduate admissions requirements of Tecnológico de Monterrey and of the Ministry of Health.


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Internal Medicine is the medical specialty that addresses healthcare in adult patients and forms the basis of subspecialties related to attending diseases of the different organs or systems of the human body. The Residency in Internal Medicine Program seeks to prepare practitioners with the following competencies:

  • Apply their knowledge of Internal Medicine to diagnose, treat, prevent and rehabilitate health issues in adult patients.
  • Keep their knowledge of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties up to date by consulting relevant information sources in order to provide optimal healthcare.
  • Formulate significant clinical questions related to their patients? care and resolve them through clinical or bibliographic research.
  • Communicate their clinical care and research ideas effectively and clearly, orally and in writing.
  • Deliver medical care to patients with professionalism and the highest ethical standards.
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