The Master's Degree in Marketing is aligned with the vision of the Institution, as it seeks to train ethical, innovative leaders capable of leading their organizations to achieve long-term goals with positive social impact and sustainable business models supported by technology. It is also aligned with the school's strategy to challenge the status quo and make EGADE Business School a benchmark for business in Latin America. Additionally, according to QS World University Rankings, Tecnologico de Monterrey is recognized in the Top 20 worldwide in the field of marketing.

The Master's Degree in Marketing at Tecnologico de Monterrey aims to train marketing specialists to be able to design and implement effective and innovative strategies focused on customer experience that generate sustainable value to maximize revenue and meet current market needs. This will be through the use of advanced tools for data analysis based on consumer behavior and market research to make informed decisions, in order to create brand and product management experiences, as well as identify opportunities to build strong customer relationships.

Applicants to the Master's in Marketing (MMT) program are professionals who have at least three relevant years of professional experience, who have obtained a professional degree from a national or international higher education institution of recognized prestige, and who meet at least one of the following criteria in their professional development profile:

  • Occupy decision-making and people management positions, with prospects for organizational growth, considering important the systemic understanding of the organization and support methodologies for decision making.
  • Experienced in their professional area and with interest in developing innovative business models, seeking to increase the company's competitiveness or create new businesses through the knowledge and use of cutting-edge management tools and models and entrepreneurship.
  • With work experience who wish to develop and/or strengthen consulting skills to support continuous improvement, competitiveness and sustainability of organizations in the region through the application of diagnostic methodologies generating innovative and effective solutions.
  • With leadership potential by showing passion for learning, critical thinking and professional growth that impacts the generation of value in organizations through the use of leadership skills, knowledge, techniques and effective management tools.
  • Documentation accrediting academic credentials and a minimum professional average of 80/100 (professional title, ID, and subject certificate).
  • 2 letters of professional recommendation.
  • Motivational essay.
  • Updated curriculum vitae.
  • Bilingual interview with the Program Director or Program Faculty.
  • PAEP exam or its equivalent, according to institutional requirements.


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At the end of the Master in Marketing program the student will be able to:

  • Create and implement marketing strategies aligned with the values of the company, focused on generating value for the customer and taking care of all stakeholders of the company.
  • Analyze the technological environment, environmental trends and available data to apply them in business decision making and develop innovative solutions.
  • Measure and manage the profitability and metrics of marketing strategies to maximize the company's profitability in a competitive business context.
  • Successfully lead marketing strategy in a highly competitive and constantly evolving environment.
  • Understand and apply multidisciplinary knowledge to solve complex marketing problems.
  • Enhance the performance of their work team, exercising responsible leadership.
  • Be a leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, human sense and internationally competitive.
  • To be an ethical, fair, equitable and socially responsible professional.
  • Consumer behavior analysis.
  • Marketing strategies.